Editor Bio: Brandon Droese

Editor Bio: Brandon Droese

SInce I was young, I have always loved the things I couldn’t afford. I would ask my parents to buy things for me and they always replied, “When you are older, you can buy whatever you want.” Well, now I am older and I will buy what I want (what I can afford).

Growing up, I didnt do the usual sports like baseball or soccer. I was a cyclist, and a fairly good one at that. I learned how to ride a bike when I was 12, and with anything that you learn; I took it overboard. I started riding everyday and soon I was racing, going on to win the CA State Championships, multiple CA State Series Championships, the Kenda West Coast Cup, and ultimately, the Kenda U.S. Cup in 2009.

After 2009 I added a couple of wheels (2 to be exact) and started auto racing, racing a Mazda Rx7, and I’ve been addicted to it ever since. Cars and Clothes; those are my passions


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