My NSX: Love at first sight.

Ever since I found out what an Acura NSX was, I wanted one. Everything about it was amazing: all aluminum chassis, Honda’s first supercar, the “user friendly” supercar, it’s underdog status, AND who can forget the Ayrton Senna, himself, helped … Continue reading


Wekfest 2013: San Jose

Wekfest SJ 2013 was one of the coolest carshows that I have ever attended, and I even had the chance to show my car in the show. The cars that attended the show were AMAZING pieces of machinery, exhibiting the … Continue reading

Cung Pham’s Shrek G35

So I knew this guy who had a black Infiniti G35 a while back and then he had the really odd idea of painting his car green… It turned out pretty damn well and now his car is famous. His … Continue reading